Spatial Harmony Top Picks at American Home

Use My Favorite Vignettes to Inspire Your New Space!

Recently, I partnered with Fox NM on their New Mexico Living segment to share my expertise with their viewers. They tagged along with me as we shopped through one of my go-to local furniture stores, American Home, right here in Albuquerque. During our visit we stopped at a few of my “top pick” vignettes that caught my eye. Now I’d like to give you an abbreviated tour  of some key design components that inspired me.  

Let art inspire the design! 

As New Mexicians we are fortunate to be surrounded by talented and unique artists. It makes it easy to find local, one-of-a-kind pieces that truly transform it’s audience and the space where it is displayed. With such a wide array of show stopping art to choose from, purchasing amazing pieces can become a habit. Let the the art guide the focal point of your newly designed space. 

DESIGNER TIP: This painting by David Zaintz inspired the color palette and design direction in this vignette, choose your favorite local piece and let it set the direction for your space. To achieve this style choose Design Consultation. 

Embrace Maximalism Design!

Think “more is more” – more color, more texture, more patterns! This trending interior design craze is all the rage, allowing your space to reflect your vibrant personality. Playing off pattern, color and texture to create bold new designs. Maximalism design helps you escape the mundane and explore how exciting colors and textures can transform space. 

DESIGNER TIP: Local biz gem, Wall Garnish, creates temporary wallpaper that make it easy to upgrade your walls with striking prints and bring together a lively maximalism design. To achieve this style choose Designer On Call.

Give southwestern design a modern flare!

Southwest design doesn’t have to be what you remember from the 80’s and 90’s (think howling coyotes). Instead, it is a culturally rich and completely timeless design that can embody everything we know and love about our beautiful New Mexico. Local artists are known for embracing our unique landscape as inspiration. Since we live in such a breathtaking state, design inspo can be found everywhere and can be incorporated into the spaces we live in. 

DESIGNER TIP: Using beautiful warm wood tones with black and white photography of New Mexico ranches can polish the space while keeping it cozy and inviting. To achieve this style choose Designer for a Day.

Now knowing my top picks at American Home, I leave you with a challenge. When visiting local shops while looking for inspiration for your new space, ask yourself, “What is it about this vignette that speaks to me?” Then consider how each detail might influence your space. Where ever that self talk takes you, run with it and be creative!