Boost your Host rating on Airbnb with good design!

It’s no secret that becoming an Airbnb host is a smart investment. However, just like any investment it’s risky and can be a flop if poorly managed. As mentioned in this article by MillionAcres, your new Airbnb business requires lots of love, and attention to all the details in order to be successful. As with any hospitality centered-space, one of the most important details is…you guessed it, GOOD DESIGN! Keep reading to understand how an experienced interior designer plays a huge role in making your Airbnb property a success.

As if hosting strangers in your space isn’t pressure enough, having your design skills reviewed publicly online can make or break your booking rates! But don’t panic, I’m here to help you host with confidence!

Let’s get started…

Before conceptualizing the beauty in your space, you must consider which phase your space is currently in. 

For example, investing in an Airbnb property can mean you are in one of many phases –

  1. You have a space that you want to make into an Airbnb rental, think casita or guest room. 
  2. You want to invest in a space that perhaps needs touching up or full remodel, think refreshing your kids Jack and Jill bedrooms or Mother-in-Law quarters. 
  3. You’re building an Airbnb space from the ground up, think “new construction”.

If one of the above fits your Airbnb business dream, you will need a plan for executing it. Protect your investment by consulting a designer from the moment you realize you’re committed to becoming an Airbnb host. 

After understanding what phase your space is in, you can begin your interior design journey! Here’s how you can boost your host rating through great design: 

Enrich their cultural experience!

While chic modern design is really cool – remember, your guests are travelers and likely want an authentic, cultural stay while in New Mexico. Enhance their experience by making their home-away-from-home a reflection of the rich place they’ve traveled to see. Curate the space with a color palette that reflects the unique landscape, sunsets and lifestyle of our beautiful state. You have the opportunity to make your listing shine with inspirational and artistic New Mexico inspired design! 

For help with color palettes and local art options choose my Design Consultation package. 

Create cohesive comfort!  

Choose furniture that syncs well with the space. Too often Airbnb rentals are a jumble of furniture the host has collected over the years. Guests do not want to pay top dollar to stay in an Airbnb property that reminds them of a college dorm room. When shopping for furniture, have a clear idea of how you want the floor plan to flow. Remember to shop local! Many furniture stores in Albuquerque have one-of-a-kind pieces that I use to create custom furniture groupings in my projects. With my help, we can be sure to furnish your space with clean, attractive and cohesive furniture that compliments the layout and vibe of the space.  

For help with furniture looks and layouts choose my Designer For a Day package.

Prioritize privacy, and a practical space! 

When guests arrive at your Airbnb rental they’re already out of their comfort zone, traveling does that for most people! Help them feel at home with effective space planning. If your current property isn’t set up to foster guest independence and privacy (ie. Personal restroom, entry/exit access), you need to invest in a remodel, which means you’ll need professional guidance on space planning. You can keep the bones, but rearrange a few walls to allow for more practical living. I know it sounds like you’ll be “rubik’s cubing” your Airbnb dream but don’t give up yet, I’m here to help you execute the perfect layout. 

For help with space planning choose my Full Service Interior Design package.

Not your momma’s materials! 

Drapes, rugs, fixtures and lighting are all details that can make or break a successful Airbnb design. Color, texture and weight of well-chosen materials should be the cherry on top of your delicious Airbnb property. Remember, these are NOT your momma’s materials!  Although your hand-me-downs can be cost effective and some antiques can be appropriate, be sure to invest in good materials! It’s easy to get lost in these details and begin to feel overwhelmed, I know there’s a ton of options out there. You are not alone, we can tackle it together!

For help with materials selection choose Designer On Call package. 

While it’s obvious that Airbnb businesses are trending right now, a successful stay relies on good design. Be sure to reference this post and call me when you’re ready to plan a space that is sure to earn top ratings from your guests! 😉