New Project? 3 Reasons to Call a Designer Immediately

About 80% of the time new clients call with one question “When do I need to bring you onto the project?” The short answer is IMMEDIATELY. The long answer weighs all the variables. Here’s what I mean…

When I say immediately, I mean the second you decide you’re going to embark on the journey of a home refresh – call your designer. From the moment of the inception of your idea, my advice is to consult an interior designer. While the reasons are almost endless, here are my top 3 reasons for calling a designer before starting your project: 

  1. Save Time
    1. Every new project brings new complications! By hiring a designer from the get-go we can help avoid hiccups that set you back! Imagine remodeling your kitchen in order to bring home your dream cabinets. But once you install your new fridge to match your cabinets, the door to the pantry knocks the freezer as it opens. Missing a detail that small will send you back to the drawing board and set your project back to square one. Save yourself the time and headache of learning layout techniques by hiring a designer with a keen eye for spatial planning.    
  2. Save Money 
    1. Let’s be honest, anyone starting a new project also starts a new budget! Typically, the budget will dictate the direction of the project. So, if you’re halfway through your budget and a complication arises, your wallet will take a hit. By calling your designer at the beginning, we help you avoid those unexpected, expensive complications. I’ll help you plan from the beginning to maximize your budget.    
  3. Get Expert Advice 
    1. Starting a new project means you’re ready for a refresh! Hiring an interior designer from the start will help you make fresh decisions. Yes, you know what you like. But piecing together small details to create a larger, well rounded design takes expertise. I stay in-tune with the the latest trends and best practices of design so when I give your space a new look, I know what’s on the cutting edge, in addition to having a wide variety of unique resources to choose from. Plus, it’s my job to honest and give unbiased opinions about what those curtains your mother in-law picked out really say about your home. 

Using these tips, be wise when considering bringing an interior designer on board. Bottom line is, be proactive! You can save yourself from a “eh, at least it’s done” kind of project.