Designer vs. Decorator

In my last post I taught you how my work exceeds the realm of arranging furniture and artwork. When you’re finished reading this post I hope to bring you clarity on the differences between an interior designer and an interior decorator. 

Why does it matter? 

As a potential client of a design or decorator, my goal is to educate you so you can make the choice that best fits your needs. Because let’s be real, your timeline, budget and overall project needs you to make sound decisions! Truly, in the name of LOVE, I want you to make the choice that will result in you LOVING your new space.

How can a Decorator help me? 

Decorators generally focus on the decorative aspects of your project. These individuals require less standardized education, however, most of them have undergone some training. Typically the training involves learning the fundamentals of interior design.  

Decorators are great for selecting color palettes, furniture layouts and hanging wall art. I’d suggest a decorator if you’re giving a room a makeover and need another set of savvy eyes! 

What about Interior Design help? 

An important note about most designers is that they are required to complete several levels of formal education, and sometimes have to pass an exam before becoming accredited with their local governing body. This means you can trust that their skills have been put to the test, literally! 

Choose an Interior Designer if your project requires construction, or remodel. Our specialty is space planning, which includes a deep dive into the current purpose of the space and considering how it can be changed to better serve your new vision. Even if you’re taking on a project with a contractor, designers like myself can help you make big decisions in a timely manner. Thus keeping your project on track! 

Basically, interior designers can help rebuild your space from the ground up, plus tie a bow on it with the final touches, like fixtures, furniture and even art! 

With this new understanding of the roles decorators and designers play, think about which expert best fits your project.Remember, every decorator and designer is different. Their skills may overlap, or they might have strong vision for one aspect of your project and not the other. Be sure to sit down with your perspective professionals to get to know their style and skills. Your project will thank you!