Debunking the Definition of Interior Design

Have you ever stood in a kitchen, restroom or even office and felt a particular emotion rush through you? Maybe you felt satisfied, comfortable or focused. Give thanks to interior design for those feelings! 

I can imagine you must be thinking…. “How can a few decorations influence my emotions that much?”  

That’s where most of us go ALL wrong. Interior design stretches far beyond what’s hanging on the wall or what you’re sitting on! 

The Definition of Interior Design

Allow me to break it down for you. Here’s what the Oxford dictionary says about interior design: 

in·te·ri·or de·sign


  1. the art or process of designing the interior decoration of a room or building.

While the “art” portion is spot on, this definition falls short in helping us fully understand the unlimited complexities that go into designing a space! 

Design is more than Decorating…The Debunk!

If we’re being honest, interior design could also be called interior planning. And interior planning could also be called full blown demolition. Seems extreme right? Good. To understand the multilayered process of interior design, I need you to see how broad or minute the work can be, while still achieving remarkable outcomes. 

Let’s put it into perspective. Take engineering for example. Engineering can be as grandiose as master planning an entire community, or as subtle as pairing two digits in computer code. While both processes can create an immense impact, the work is very different. Plus, both outcomes were created under the act of engineering! WHOA, right. 

Interior design is similar, except all the work falls under one umbrella – interior design.

Putting it in Context

For example take two of my offered services. The first construction oversight and the other custom bedding. Both projects require the expertise of a designer’s eye, however the craft involved in each are worlds apart. The new construction requires a wide lens, design concepts begin as early as blueprint drawings, where as custom bedding takes attention to the tiniest of details.  

Using my designers eye during new construction oversight means guiding you through every decision you’ll make in order to keep your builder on schedule. Things like which direction do you want your stove to face, or is there enough room between the door frame and your cabinets to fit in your dream shower? During new construction, size matters! I have the interior design experience to know EXACTLY what size matters. 

Custom bedding is a huge step towards creating peace and serenity in your home. Your bed is your sanctuary and deserves the utmost attention to details. Maybe you know your new California King gives you all the space your body needs for a great night’s sleep but does the bedding match the energy mind needs? My guess is that none of the bedding packages on Amazon pair the textures, colors and weights you’ll need to create your cozy sanctuary. With access to the most diverse materials my custom bedding designs are sure to achieve your ideal sleeping space. Success is in the details!

Interior design stretches beyond arranging lamps and couches. Interior design is more than decorating, it’s piecing together every detail that makes your home practical and beautiful.