5 Things to Remember When Planning a Kitchen Refresh

In a time when comfort food and togetherness are at the forefront of the mind, it’s undeniable that your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. Kitchens inspire creativity, help fuel our bodies and create an experience for you and your family. As the heartbeat of the home, it’s the source for nourishment of every kind. 

This year, many of us have picked up new hobbies like bread baking, gardening, or discovering and perfecting a mouth-watering recipe.   In our “new normal”,  we clearly gravitate to the kitchen for what it represents… comfort, joy and togetherness.

If you find your kitchen lacking an abundance of creativity, functionality and love…(yes love!)…then it’s likely you’ve thought about a kitchen refresh to breathe new life into your home. 

Before starting your refresh, here are some things I want you to remember when imaging the possibilities your kitchen holds: 

Bring on the Bright!

We know lighting is important for the obvious reasons – can’t cook without it! So when choosing your kitchen lighting, remember to think beyond the overhead fixture. There is prime lighting real estate in unexpected places! LED strip lighting fits discreetly under your cabinets for a bright, wide-spread illumination that makes food prep enjoyable. Plus, with the proper placement, this lighting option can be used to create a calming or intimate atmosphere for post-dinner drinks or dessert.    

For guidance on lighting options and placement, choose the Designer for a Day package! 

Little touches go a long way! 

In a kitchen there are a million little details that add up to create the facade of your space. Remember the small and easily achievable changes that can change the whole personality of your space. Look at cabinetry hardware for example, I like to call it the jewelry for cabinets! While it’s a simple touch, it can change the entire tone of the room. Whatever vibe you want to achieve – rustic, modern or mid-century, think small before going big.

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Design style = Lifestyle 

As the epicenter of the home, your kitchen should suit your lifestyle. Similar to our daily lives, the kitchen sees many unexpected twists, turns and bumps. Remember to prepare your space to withstand messy surprises with resilient materials. When cooking on stove top, or scrubbing dishes, your backsplashes see a lot of abuse, but with a proper choice in material, you can avoid unnecessary maintenance! 

Protect your kitchen from the unexpected and choose the Designer on Call package for expertise on materials. 

Scale for Comfort! 

For many, comfort in the kitchen comes in many shapes, sizes and smells (hehe). But, for seating in your kitchen the shape and size needs to be very specific. Remember when choosing chairs for your seating area, it’s important to consider properly scaling your chairs to the countertop, island or table. Don’t let awkward chair sizing derail your meal. Choose chairs that give your household and yourself adequate room to enjoy a meal comfortably! 

For help scaling your seating, choose the Designer for a Day package

Countertops are a game changer!  

One of the most popular ways to refresh a kitchen is a countertop swap. Though it’s an obvious option that undoubtedly enhances the space, it can be the most difficult to execute. Oftentimes folks become overwhelmed with the endless varieties of countertop material, sending the project into grid lock. Consider narrowing it by choosing between quartz and granite, for example. While there are similarities and differences in these loved materials, each holds benefits and will amplify your perfect kitchen space! 

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These reminders are meant to be helpful stepping stones to pulling off a successful kitchen refresh. However I want you to remember most of all…a refresh doesn’t always mean remodel! Your kitchen may not need demolition or even new appliances, it’s the little details that can truly change a space. No matter how big or small, if you get lost in the refresh sauce, I can be there every step of the way. Pop over and Say Hello so we can get started together!