3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Space

We all have that little neglected space in our home that tends to be the “catch-all”. I know it’s tempting to let it become your home’s storage spot. But resist!! You can make your small space not only useful, but beautiful. 

Before you stuff it full, consider these tips for making the most of your small space… 

Commit to the “Less is More” rule

Seems simple right!? Well, not for all of us! Things like bulky furniture can weigh down your space. Think minimally when arranging the small space. For example, when arranging shelf space, be sure to leave some room between items. Too much on a shelf can create clutter and start to shrink the space, but adding visual interest by stacking colorful books as props for smaller items will create some serious shelf envy! 

Photo credit: Redfin

Measure, measure, measure

This is the design golden rule and it will save you a lot of trouble! Measuring helps you find furnishings that are properly scaled to size and best fit the small space.

Choosing furniture that fits well in the space will ensure it’s comfortable and easy on the eyes. 

Plan for Plants

My personal quick fix for any space! Adding some live plants will create height, beauty, and good breathing air for the room. I recommend palm plants for small spaces, they really do spruce up the place and won’t take up a lot of room either!

By sticking with these simple tips, finding furnishings that are the perfect for your small room will be a breeze. For help transforming your catch all space choose the “Designer for a Day” package. Or you can browse through these other tips from my friends at Redfin here