3 Tips to Turn up the Cozy for the Holidays

Winter is back and this year we’re turning the cozy up a notch! As the weather turns chilly and the holiday spirit fills our hearts, let’s work together to ensure your home is ready to embrace the seasons ahead.

Here are three simple ways to create a cozy and festive space for the months ahead…

Dress to impress 

We all know the feeling of a perfectly put-together seasonal outfit. Maybe it’s a well tailored blazer or unique statement piece. Did you know you can do the same for your home? Window treatments are often overlooked, but I’m here to tell you that well chosen drapery and shades are the tailored suit of your home. Roller shades, cellular shades and other window treatments can change the lighting and ambiance of every room. Beyond providing privacy, they set the mood through light filtering to fit your desired cozy vibe for any occasion.

Tap into your creativity 

The holidays are a fun time to change up your space with little touches of creativity. Decor like throw pillows and accent rugs are an easy way to add a little festive flare. Remember to play with textures and colors. Cozy it up with oversized knitted blankets or on-season colors like deep reds or burnt oranges. These accessories are only temporary so be brave and choose items that land outside of your comfort zone. Another festive option are wreaths which can be a fun DIY project to get creative with!

Ask the hard questions 

Ask yourself, does your sofa even hug you back?! Your sofa should certainly be the centerpiece of cozy in your home. If it doesn’t hug you, you need an upgrade. When you’re ready to invest in a new sofa, I highly recommend spending an entire afternoon taking “test drives” on as many as you can. Hop from sofa to sofa testing to find THE ONE. Modern sofas are meticulously designed to fit our bodies and comfort levels. While test driving, keep in mind cushion density – is it too soft? Too firm? Think about shape too…Are you sitting up too straight? Too leaned back? These are the hard questions of ultimate sofa coziness! It’s easy to rush into a poorly fitted sofa. But by slowing down and really considering your ideal level of cozy, you’ll find the hug you never knew you needed.

photo taken at High Point Market showroom

Though the holiday season can be overwhelming, you’re equipped with these 3 tips to make your upcoming winter festive and cozy. So long as you remember –  don’t ignore your window treatments, get creative and ask the hard questions, this year is bound to end on a cozy note!

Happy holidays everyone!